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*angelhere's family*

One "quote" I like very much is "Life Is Good".

Maybe that could be considered my motto.

Nope, it's a fav quote.

My motto is "If you don't ask, the answer is already no!"


~My Nick Names~

angelhere & ElisePower

other nn's...

occasionally: tyPOqween

rarely: Munchkin


~Da Family~

MOM: Pegger

DAD: unknown (sowwy)
Submit your applications here!

Uncles: ham3 and wyrms

Brothers: BassNguy, COOL CB, dudebluez, Lqd Dwano, Slides, TomyDreamer/Zubbie.

Sisters: (hoo boy, here we go!)
In alpha order!: BlueVelvet, BODYlanguage, Crystal, DreamAngl, Fire'sLight, Jammie {aka august angel}, LadyLiz'Beth, mustang T, Preshus, Reva, r2d2b4u, & Tide.

Nieces/kidlets: Lil Kiddo and babybluez.

Crazy Cousins: Galadude and Shubdo

Lord forgive me if I have left anyone out..if I did, it's old age, not on purpose!


~In Reflection~

"I'm an angel..."

"OK OK, so my halo slips a little!"


*~*My Vision of Paradise*~*

"Here is a pic of 'The Hotel Del Coronado' {my favorite place in the world}...all lit up at night."

"I took the photo myself. I am rather proud of it, being an amateur, and all."
.... angelhere


*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*


{last update sometime in 98}