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*LadyLiz'Beth's Family*

Cyber Moms:

xoLady (mamma), Pegger (mommy),
(mom) & Elfin'sMist (mom)


Cyber Dads:

Ok I have all these moms...but not sure bout my dad's..
Coldshot won't claim me for some odd reason
(we even have the same receeding hairline)
JimmeyB...I call him pops...
(but I dunno if I'm his kid or his personal jeep washer)


Cyber Aunt:

(I'm her favorite cause I suckup)


Cyber Nieces:

Lil Kiddo and babybluez


Cyber Sisters:

Crystalsis, blondesis, r2sissy, angelsis, Dreamsis


Cyber Bro:

(me only bubby)


Cyber Pals:

NO particular order. I'm blonde remember that folks: Daring29, Crystal, Fire'sLight, Michie, Slides, Tide, MsD, StirKrazy, boomboom, Smilie, Sorca, LadyDot, Qavit, Blu, Iggy, Java, mrspolars, Marine, beachy, Jag, Cleeze, Niterider, CoolCB, knitknat, purehell, Cooksta, JillyKat, CountryCop, Anoname, Monstr, Chicobren, Preshus, Terq, Pasta, Ittybitty, Anakedguy, Paint, Paul, Olley, finishman, Bodylanguage, Reva, Hornet, Jamming, Nexus, Wingman, UtahTalon, Tea, Tweekie, Sweetie (from polite convo), Wabbit (ciggybutt), Sandman, SoKul, ManOSteal, hammie, MephY, Lynn10, BassNGuy, Zubbie, wyrms, jusBingme & halfpt, dulli, dudebluez, HoneyBug, Chris81

(ok i dunno if i got everyone or not)

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{last update sometime in 98}