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* jusBingme's Family *

*My Nick Name(s) : jusBingme

*My Cyber Mom(s) : Foster Child Need Mother

*My Cyber Dad(s) : same as above except Father

*My Cyber Grandma(s) : Ditto

*My Cyber Grandad(s) : Ditto

*My Cyber Wife : Divorced

*My Cyber Sister(s) : All the ladys from P*

*My Cyber Brother(s) : All the fellas from P* ^5 Bruthas

*My Cyber Niece(s) : Notta

*My Cyber Nephew(s) : Notta

*My Cyber Pals : Everyone who was there for me at P* so many cant list all but you know who you are the special ones (wink)

*My Cyber Pet(s) : (hey, there are a few of them out there... :) deceased

As for my real life family.......

These are my true blessings.

Katherine Ashlynn is 4,

Benjamin Jacob is 1 and 1/2,

and Rachel Marie was 8 months on the first (of Feb.00)

~ Katherine & Rachel ~

~ Benjamin ~

*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update 04-00}