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*~iZCrystal's Family~*

These are the people that I claim as my closest cyber family...

Without them, P* Chat would be so extremely boring..! {I kid you NOT..!}


*My Nick Names*

iZCrystal, iZKeyMaster, MyEvyLTwyn,
or as many just call me


I have no cyber parents or grandparents here...
No way do I want more scoldings than I already get... {eg}


Am also NOT cyber married, for same reasons as above..!{lol}
And in not being married, I have no cyber kids...


I am in love with my best friend in the world, a non-NP chatter but wonderful person...

Love you Leo..! :}


*My Cyber Sisters*

{s sissypoo} to you ALL...!

angelhere, boomx, cPreshus, Elfin'sMist, Fire'sLight {R.I.P.}, jZDreamAngl, LadyDrinx, LadyLiz'Beth, LadyVashon, LadyZoot, LittleTurtle/jZSherrie, mustang T, r2d2b4u, Reva, Sbrina/Tiderium, Sorca & zLadyDotz...


*My Cyber Bros*

Not as many of these, but I luv the ones I have..;

BEARWDS {s chomp}!!!, Chicobren {no matter what PreshSis says;},
GoCanesGo, Hornet
{the graduate..!:}, jZXDudebluez {~pinch~}, Slides {s slides} and Wingman...


*My Cyber Aunt*



*My Cyber Uncle*


*My Cyber Nieces*

Babyblues, Lil Kiddo & LvrGirl1...


*My Cyber Nephew*



*My Cyber Pet*

I think the 'Mongoose' is tame enough for that job... ;~~

I have a bigger boat now... lol :

*Friends, Buds and Co-horts*

~~And now to list everyone else who, in one way or another, makes it so enjoyable to be in chat... Many I hang out with almost daily... Many I see {if lucky} a few times a week or month... And a few are missing {some permanently} at this moment, but in no way are forgotten... If I failed and missed putting you on this list, PLEASE! let me know ASAP!!!~~

*Best Bud: Pegger... You've saved my sanity many times... Thanks lady, for everything...

*The Family Members..!! Especially my 'Sisters', as they are the best co-horts and corrupters around..!!!{LOL!!!}

*The CREW!!!: Anakedguy {~pinch~}, Anoname2B {psychic;}, Asp1, Augustino, BabyXena, BassNGuy {Bud:}, beachy, Beattle, BigSky, blondebabe, Blu, BODYlanguage, boom boom, CheshireCat, Chris81, Cibageigy, Coldshot {fiend;}, CompassPoint, Cooksta, Countrycop {aka~CC}, Daring29, DarkKnyte, Diviniti {Div-aka~Hermie}, DjBronco, dreamieeeee, Eeyore, Exjaysbac, finishman, FireNice, FLPR, Galaran {Galacarcass;}, ham3 {I wont convert..!}, HiGal, HoneyBug, IggyBrat {aka~BumpInDaNite}, Immortal, Itty Bitty, iZvictrola18, Jag {cookie monster}, JammingM27 {s chitlist}, Java64 {'Polls R' Us'...:}, Jazz LostSI, Jie Ena Lara, Jille Kat, JimmeyB {jokesmeister}, JLynn, JokersWild, JRock, JTTHero, JsBnMe, jusBingme {Bin}, JustFunn, jZBlueVelvet, jZCoolCB, jZ DAKOTA jZ {Des:}, jZJason, jZLADY, jZNiteRider, jZPokkey, jZStormyiZ {aka~halfpt}, jZSweetheart, KillDaWabbit {Wabby}, Kixi, LadyDelta, LibbiPeaches, LqdDwano, Lynn10, MachomanPete, Magnolia, ManOSteaL {aka~Vandar}, Marine Fubar, Mephisto {aka~iZAsTrOcReEp}, Merckster {Tag..!}, Monstr, MrRighteo, mrs six, MsDMeanR, MsPBnJ, Neeysa, NeXuS {*AtomicWedgie*!!;}, NiteProwler, Nobert, Nova Blast, NtrSandman {R.I.P.}, Olley Gator, Oochie, Pandahope, Partycat, PartyOfOne, Pasta, PAUL, PhearFactor, pure heaven {aka~purehell}, Qavitsan, QuietKathy, Rinti, RuByRoCkS, sadiesmom, SoKuL, Shirkahn, ShuBdo, stuk n bama, swBandit, Tegger, Telisa, TeaQualizer, theVISITOR, tomorrowKM, Tweek {aka~iZSaTaNiC}, ULFxCHILD, Utah Talon, VHLover, vickissecrt, Wav Master, WhennWho, whimsicalass, WilDz, wyrms, xArcoss, xdullix, xTerqx {R.I.P.}, zoeoe & Zubbie{h-a-m}...

{~whew~} See what a few years chattin can do for ya... {VBG}


~~ I just wanted to say here that in the beginning {back when I first logged onto P*} my goal was not in lookin for 'love' or a relationship or anything like that... But I have found tons of 'LUV', friendships and sooooooooo much fun with all of the aboved mentioned people that I can hardly stand it...{G!!!}
I thank you all for that..! ~~


*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update 12-99}