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*DreamAngl's Family*

nickname: jZ DreamAngl, jZ BRKNARRW
{and another one but not listing it}


dad: unknown

grandma and pa: unknown

husband: n/a

wife: n/a LMAO

sisters: preshus, mustangT, crystal and beth

brothers: unknown

niece: no clue

nephew: no clue

k have a cyber pet!!!!!

{Only galaran knew about him til now!}

Is my gorilla Bruno {S} stop laughing sis!

~~It is like pullin teeth to get this lady to give me more info to put on this page... But she is a busy person so I will take liberty here and write a few things down... Hey, all she can do is tell me to take them off...{G}

Altho not alot mentioned within her 'cyber family' above, I know for a fact this woman has MANY friends out there... She is always around havin fun, causing mischief {ducks;-}, and just having a great time in chat... She also has a great ear to bend and always listens and lets ya know she cares... I am glad to know her, as is everyone else who does... ~C~

*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update sometime in 98}