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*Just for you Jazz...{G}*

~~I received this letter and just could not resist his offer and desire to be a part of all this... And I felt the best way to make his page, was in his own words...~~C~

Hi! Howya doin?

What if you're not quite in the tree part of the family?

I'd still like to be in it {grinz}.. I'm the family pet!! {g}

(Dunno if you were there when I decided this, but I was declared the family pet mongoose. Ask R2 if ya don't believe me!! =] )

Not trying to throw ya a curveball on this one, an ya dont hafta put me in there if ya dont wanna as the pet.. {sniffle} ;] But thats my place in the family {grinz}..

Take care and goodluck!

-=- J/.zz -=-

~~Now how could ya refuse a face like this... {G}~~

*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update sometime in 98}