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~LadyFire1256's Family~

Families come in different shapes and sizes.

I come from a family of 4 girls I am the "Baby"... I have 3 son's. The wonderful thing about my Night People Family is I now have a brother, I have two daughters and I am no longer the youngest.

So now all I want to know is who is going to come mop my kitchen floor and wash my dishes...according to real #1 sis it is a lot of fun!!!

(you know I am a smart ass so doctor it up anyway you think will look good LOL)
(((I ain't changin a word Auntie... lol ~C~ : )))


My NN's... LadyFire1256 & ButerflyBaby
{LOL Yes I am a butterfly freak}

I am waiting for CrossFire454 to ask me to cyber marry him

Daughters... Lil Kiddo & CookiMonstr

Son... DarkKnight81 {real life too}

Sisters... Elfins Mist & Pokkey

Brother.... Pun King

Preshus, Fires Light, LadyDotz, Boomx, Crystal, Xena, DreamAngl, Sherrie & LvrGirl

Nephew... UlfxChild

Cousin... Uncle Willie


{Oh lordy I hope I don't forget anyone....}

Angelhere {sweet lady}, Ants 6969, SnowStars, rotag yello, Cool CB, ChicoBren, GoCanesGo, Sbrina, Country Cop, Q, DarkCreation {aka Ant}, BearWds, Compass Point, M1ABradley {Tank}, VelvetFyre, Tweek {whatever NN he has}, blondebabe, Java, Pegger, Ladylizbeth, Marine Fubar

If you want the real life stuff too...

These are my real parents...

Mother is Miss Polly
Father is Ole Trucker1

I have 3 sons in real life....

Patrick is 23,
Dustin is 21
Jason is 18

And a Grandson

18 months old named Akira.

{{ages as of Jan.,1999}}

'Butterfly Luv' *~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update 8-99}