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"Look Up See That Star"

~xElfinsMist's Family~

My bestest friend, the evil and dreaded, xTerqx :)
Without you my brat there would be no family
And to you I dedicate this page,

May The Stars Here Always Shine Bright

~Our Family~

Lil Kiddo, Olley Gator, WickedZoot, LadyVachon, EvilDread, StacyBunny, Lady'LizBeth, Precious, dudebluez, boomx, blondbabe, zLadyDotz, Fire, LittLe TurtLe, BuMbLe1616 & LvrGirl

Our son-in-laws,
Jamming27 & ChicoBren

Our grand-daughters,
iZ Elmo, babybluez, iZ Pokkey & Pebbs28,

Our sisters,
Crystal, mustangT, R2D2B4U, Tiderium & LadyFire 1256

Our Brothers,
Pun King

{for all you were, all you are,
and all you shall be..}

~Our Friends~

UncleWillie, iZ ArtBabe & Don, SaTaNiCDoOd, xYankx, LadyDamit2U, YankeeZypher, PhearFactor, NiteRider, KillDAWabbit, Cogliostro, Gray Skull, BugsyCgle, Anoname2B, beach, Jag, Diviniti, ULFxCHILD, Slic Chic2, Pegger, Monstr, CrazyLuvR, CookSta, DJBee, MsDeMeenR, StirCrazy, WildOry, LQDDwano, Mephisto, JusBinme, SweetDreams, JusBingMe, IttyBitty, Vandar, RafterMan, Daring28, Reva&Hornet, LuvNSummer, Mr Righteo, xArcoss, Lynn10, HoneyBug, RoadCrew, iZPaint, Laurie, Merckster, xBlux, BoomBoom, KnitKnat, Paul, pandahope, waynesigma, Nexus, JillyCat, Wingman, iZCoolCB, NovaBlast, Coldshot, iZLady, mrspolar, BearWds, Immortal, Sokal, Oochie, Java, purehell2, Pasta, DreamAngl, Bama, wyrms, iZSweetie, CeeSaw Ga, ZeroHarmony, Galaran, MarineFubar, Zubbie Wubbie, DreamAngl, Nobert, Qavit, Cleeze, iZ Chewie, iZDakota, Ouione, Jazz LostSL, Mandeville, Jinni aka DirtBag, BODYlanguage, Lord Mental, WarmBlooded1, MyStIc WaZzU, HaloNSky, BigSky, CrossFire454, iZSimplyJD, MichJim, Dokken, Eylana, AuntCindi, IAMTOMAS50, Scotty5, THE VISITOR & StarElf

~Special mention, new friend~

Dracos Sword
he has become a very dear friend..he has set up with me these nights and let me cry my heart out :)

Until the winds of change slip in and We all come full circle..

And our paths cross again..

*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update 10-99}