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*Pegger's Family*

I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me;
I'd like to be the help that you've been always glad to be;
I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day,
as you have meant old friend of mine, to me along the way..

{Edgar A. Guest}

*My Nick Name : Pegger

*My Cyber Mom : You mean there is someone older than me?

*My Cyber Dad : JimmeyB's my sugar daddy {g}

*My Cyber Husband : You don't honestly believe I would put up with this online and off, do you? {s}

*My Cyber Niece : babybluez

*My Cyber Nephew : dudebluez

*My Cyber Egg : Preshus {unhatched}, can't figure out what part of the family she fits into here yet...

*My Cyber Kids : Fire'sLight, UtahTalon, Cat, Straycat, LadyLiz'Beth, Galadude, LilKiddo {Nikki}, Reva, Hornet, CaptCruise, DreamAngl, Michie {Matt}, Nut {blondebabe}, Merckster, Diviniti, WavMaster, BeattleBoy, EagleCry, DaBug, ShawneeWolf, SheWolfie, Slides, LadyVachon, Sweetie, Jamming, Kixi, Vhlover, Rahdya, SirShylock, Tegger, Kort, Immortal, Top101, N2HvFun, Chicobren, Nobert, UlfxChild & Rah.

{Do you know where your child is? Hope I didn't lose any.}

*Buddies over Time : Crystal..Nexus..Wingman.. "Where would I be without you three?" Thanks to you each for being here when I needed you!

*My Cyber Pals : Anakedguy, Falbo, Snoplow, Tweekie, Bodylanguage, Tiderium, MsDeamor, StirKrazy, Jinniyah2U, r2, boomboom, Cali, Stormseer, camarrow, Canoe3k, BlueMnM, Clownboy, Cogliosto, Crazyluvr, crockett, DarkKnyte, Diamond39, DiskDoctor, DiverDale, mhde, Doc19swm, RubyRocks, DarkElf, StacyBuny, TraceL, Elfin'sMist, Sorca, LadyDot, LADY, Qavit, Asp, Aly, Bear, Blu, BlueBird, Jag, panther, Kenai, Coldshot, StuknBama, Clikker, Chris81, Cookie, DJBee, Ory, LadyZoot, FirenIce {poppin}, IggyBrat, Java, beachy, Cleeze, Niterider, Niteprwlr, Monstr, CoolCB, Dakota, mustang, wildhellcat, Olley {ooley}, Terq, Daring, JilleKat, dulli, Whennwho, Skater, Elmo, purehell, xy, sshare, Sandman, Scotty5, shirkahn, ShokAttack, Wishinn, Sokul, knitknat, LadyDelta, KnottyDee, MelD, LqdDwano, AutumnAngel, MarineFubar, ManOSteal, MickeyAngelo, MissyZ, mrs six, NovaBlast, Paint, Patches10, ^patty, PhearFactor, Paulbrew, QuietKathy, mndyspke, finishman, furyduker, Ittybitty, Pasta, Wabbit, jusbinme, halfpt, lil'dakota, Lynn10, Magnolia, Mephisto, nuiferious, ham, mrspolar, BadAmx, BigSky, Eeyore, wyrms, Zubbie, Smilie, angelhere, Attackdog, AuntCindi, ShuBdo, BassGuy, Visitor, Sweetheart, sunday, ANoName, Augustino, Ciba, CountryCop, Flpr, x109, xCharlie, LittleTurtle, zdangerzonez, Pokkey, Partyofone.

{If I left anyone out..I'll shoot myself for you.}

*~*~*NP Family Tree*~*~*
*~*~*branch page*~*~*

{last update sometime in 98}