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*Preshus's Family*

To all of you, that I have met over the years here on Prodigy, thank you, for being my friends, for sharing the good times, and bad....and there have been many! No matter how dirty my laundry gets, you have all remained my friends, my family, YOU have made my life better, happier...and for sure way more interesting! I love all of you

*My Real Life Family*

My kids;
Geoff 17,
Clinton 13,
Danielle 11,
Erica 9,
& Willie 8

Marrital Status: Not in real life!!!

*My Online Family*

Online Hubby: ChicoBren
{No, there's wasn't a ceremony, so dont email me and pout cuz you weren't invited! LOL}

Online son: ArrestingU
{but don't tell Chico, I snuck one by him}

Online Mom: Elfins Mist

Online Dad: xTerq

Online StepDad: Tweekie
he calls me WeeGirl =>

Online Sisters: {uh oh} this gets to be a long list!
Crystal, Magnolia, StacyBunny, DreamAngl, Angelhere, Zoot, Vachon, Jinniya, BodyLanguage, trueblnde, LilKiddo {my babysis}, Reva, MsDeMeenr, Qavit, Sorca, Mustang T {thelma}, and JilliKat!

Online Brothers: Seeker, Mephisto, DudeBluez, Slides, Immortal and Olley

Online Cousin: Nexus

Online Nieces: BlondeBabe and BabyBluez

Online Egg: Pegger
{she keeps tryin to hatch, but I like her in Egg form}

Best Online Friend: Wulfy
{he's my baby, and the one person who loves me unconditionally}

Best NEW Friend: Jugglerxx

My Only Bug: Fire'sLight

Friends Worth Mentioning:
{WOW, there's a LOT of them!}

Wyrms, CrossHeart454, IggyBrat, Barfie, BigSky, Montxpress, Racer, Soshimo, Justfunn, Lynn, Ruby, JimmeyB, JTMyHero, MachomanPete, Alystria (Bruiser2), CoolCb, Java, Dakota, Jag (Oh Jag, do you KNOW how much I loke you? ah ha), Sassy, Blu, BlueBayou, Hermie, Daring24, JDSimplicity, Smilie (she's just cute), Jamming, Tide, Tea, JROCK, NiteRider, NiteProwler, OhSoHard, Oochie, HiGal, AdmHorner, UtahTalon, clc36, blackheart, LUVTHEDAY, Mhdex, The Visitor, CaptBow, CaptCruise, StupidAhole, Sneaky, Freaky, Cibageigy, Jakk, Paul, Pajama, XY41, sshare, sssteve38, RsDriver, Boom, Ory, LqdDwano, Pasta, IttyBitty, Chris81, DarkKnyte, Michie, Slagman, Jynne, Jlynn, Kixi, StirCrazy, Gonads, DBPMan, LandsEnding, LuvinSummer, BassNGuy, Shubdo, Aqualena, MarineFubar, PhilLosofer, and KillDaWabbit.

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{last update Dec.99}