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Pic of my mom with 3 of her 4 daughters,,,,,

As you know I lost my mom in April {1998}.

In June 1980, she gave birth to my brother, Enoch. She had congestive heart failure, while giving birth to him. With that she lost part of her stomach and intestine. Her stomach was left to 2 inch diameter, and her intestine was less 6 inches. She was not supposed to make it pass spring of 1981. The doctors wanted to keep her in the hospital, but she said if they did do that, she would definately not make it till spring, that she would give up. Plus she felt she should be home with her new born son.

I love her stubborness, as it kept her with us 18 springs longer. She was always hurting somewhat, but she was always willing to go another step.

She was able to go back to her homeland, Noatak, Alaska after 30 odd years of not seeing her relatives. Her children and grandkids got to spent alot of time with her in the summers of Alaska.

I will miss her terribly. But I know she is at peace, and her suffering is over.

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