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Barrow Alaska

Here is Barrow. It is the northern most city of Alaska. The population is about 4500. It is a big for a village, and it is near the Chukchi Sea. The people live off the land and sea, hunting and camping. It also part of the biggest borough office in the USA. The people also are the most traditional people. They go back to the elders and ask advise on issue that might effect the town.

This is a pole that is set right in the middle of town, to show how many miles there is to other cities all over the world, from Barrow. I took this in mid July. To show the somewhat grass, and sunshine we get then.

Arctic Ocean,,,,,,,the Chukchi Sea. This is early July. The ice is just now moving out. The whaling crews have already gone out whaling, and summer is setting in. The sun will be up for about 90 days, day and night. This was taken at 1:30 am. Hardly any wind, and it feels warm.

Dry-fish/Paniqtak Slates are used to build the racks, fish are cut open from the head to tail, and put on the racks to dry by the sun. Usually done in the month of June. Salmon is usually the fish of choice, but grailing and white fish are used also. Some caribou, moose, walrus and seal meat are used too.

This is a sled hand made for hauling whale meat, muktuk, from off the ice to the shore.

Blanket toss/Nalututaq - The celebration of a successful whaling season. Usually done in the month of June. The feast consists of all native foods, cooked by the whaling crews wives, and serving all that attend the feast. Can usually last all day and night, depending on weather, since the feast is held outside. An eskimo dance usually ends the evening.

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