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*Qavitsan's Family*


I first came on line 3 yrs ago, I have made alot of special friends. I do not want to catagorize any single one of them. They all have a special place in my heart. When times are good or bad, you have all been there for me, in one way or another. I am glad that I have the people in the formally known New Members now known Night People rooms. I enjoy the laughs the most! LOL Lord knows I love to laugh. Thanks to all of you Night People!!! :>

This collection of photo's is put together for the enjoyment of all family and friends, both on line and off.

*~* My Family *~* *~* Pregnancy *~* *~* Meet the Twins *~*
*~* For my Mom *~* *~* Barrow Alaska *~* *~* NPFT page *~*

Give each page a minute or 2 to load up {esp. Barrow Alaska} as they have many great and nicely sized pictures on them for you to see and enjoy... *TY*


Here I sit, in my so called home. Surrounded by, kids of my own.
Hugs & kisses shared, and little talks. Wondering why & how, this can be.
That this love, is not enough.

Inside I feel, I give and give. Nothing much in return, is what I get.
I know it is not true, so what do I do? Sit and think, of the outside world.
How big, bet yet so small.

I am just a dot, among so many. Walking, breathing, and living.
My choice to give, more to my kids. Things I have never been given.
So that they won't ever feel this Loneliness I feel.

{last update 11-98}