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Let's Get Started..!

So you have finally decided to play with the idea of putting YOUR family tree branch on here... (Or are you just doing this to get me off your back..? heheheee;)

GREAT..! Let's get started, shall we...

If you have taken a look at the tree branches available, you would have noticed that no 2 are the same... Some are similar yes, but not one is exactly identical to another...

Reason being...

*No one has the same family as any one else... Sure, they may share family members, but they each have choice as to who they consider family... AS DO YOU... Always remember that this is your family your showing off here... Those that you luv and care about... And those that care about you...

Below is the easiest way to get started... Sit and write down the answers to as many of the following categories as you can, and send the info to me... (And don't worry if you feel you may forget anyone... I can make future updates any time you send me the info to do so... :)

And also, no worries if you don't have an answer for each and every category... Just fill in the ones you do... :)

*My Nick Name(s) :

*My Cyber Mom(s) :

*My Cyber Dad(s) :

*My Cyber Grandma(s) :

*My Cyber Grandad(s) :

*My Cyber Husband :
*My Cyber Wife :

*My Cyber Sister(s) :

*My Cyber Brother(s) :

*My Cyber Niece(s) :

*My Cyber Nephew(s) :

*My Cyber Aunt(s) :

*My Cyber Uncle(s) :

*My Cyber Cousin(s) :

*My Cyber Pals :

*My Cyber Pet(s) : (hey, there are a few of them out there... :)

As for back & color fonts, the choice is yours too...

*Color Background : Approximate color, we will get it right as best we can with the colors I have available...

*Wallpaper : You send to me a wall paper background you would like to use...

*Color Font : Again, approximate color... What you think will go well with the background color or wallpaper you have chosen to use...

**(Approximate color means you want a shade that is light or dark, loud or neutral, ect, ect...)**

Ok, this will get us started... Send me the info and I will put something together for ya... Once I have put up what you have sent me, I will have you look it over and make any changes you wish... And as soon as your happy with it, will put it on the tree...

Ssssooooooooooo, start typing... :)

Awaitin your e-mail... ~C~

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