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Tide's Family Tree

Threads of a friendship, that will never break

Thanks for the laughter, the good times that we share.

thank you for always listening for trying to be fair.

thank you for your comfort when things are going bad,

thank you for the shoulder to cry on when i'm sad.

this is a remeinder that all my life through,

i'll be thanking heaven for a special friend like you.

!Online Parents:JB037,MissRose
!Sisters{Corrupters}:Crystal, ElfinsMist, Fire'sLight{both feet on floor},Preshus, xStirKrazy, R2D2B4U, AngelHere, SiteH12 or Cubby31{real life sis}
!Brothers:Cool CB, BassnGuy, Slides{stand here..x}, Niterider, Hornet, Wyrms, Paul, ChicoBren, UtahTalon, Tanic, JimmeyB, Dakota, KillDaWabbit
!Nieces and Nephews:Lil Kiddo, Rotag yello{ha got ur tie}

When I sat down to design this webpage, I thought great this will be easy, wrong! I stopped to think about which Night People I considered part of my family, there wasnt one person , who in some way hasn't become dear to me. We laugh, cry, tease, console and even irritate one another, but in the end someone is always there for us. This is my chance to say thank you and I love you!!!! I may forget a few people and its not because I dont care, it's because there are sooo many!!!!! O.K. enough of the mushy stuff

Extended Family
dudebluez, Lqd Dwano, TomyDreamer, BlueVelvet, BODYlanguage, DreamAngl, LadyLiz'Beth, Reva, Galaran, Shubdo, Pegger, Daring28, boomboom, Smilie, Sorca, LadyDot, Qavit, Blu, Iggy, Java, mrspolars, Marine, beachy, Jag, Cleeze, Cooksta, pure heaven, Anoname, Monstr, Pasta, Ittybitty, Anakedguy, Paint, Jamming, Nexus, jusBingme, HalfPint, dulli, dudebluez, HoneyBug, Nobert, xo Lady, boomx, Sorca, GoCanesGo, Coldshot, CompassPoint, DarkKnyte{gave me a plastic halo}, Diviniti{a genius}, JTTHero , JokersWild, Pokkey, Vandar, Mephisto, MrRighteo, MsDMeanR, ULF, Littleturtle, Cogliostio, LadyFire, CrossFire, Diamond39, Qavit{Momma Q}, PhearFactor, pebbs

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{last update, Nov. 99}