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* Hornet's Family Tree *

This area is reserved for anything you want to put here... Words of wisdom, some poetry or music lyrics perhaps, or any ol' SA remark will do... Completely up to you... :}

This page is yours... I want ya to like it... ~C~

NN's- Hornet, RomeoVegas.

Cyber Wife- Reva, she is always on my mind.

Cyber Mom- Peg.

Cyber 3 dolla ho to pimp out on Roosevelt Street-
cause it rhymes with..

Cyber Bros- Slides (spankenstein), Daring, Chris81, CoolCB, CaptainCruise (turned out to be a cool guy), Finish Man, Ham (on whole wheat).

Cyber Sisters- Lil Kiddo, LadyLizB, Pure Heck (hell whatever), HalfPint, Tide, Quavit, Preshass (formerly of the Waffle House), BodyLanguage (stop the insanity), BlondeBabe, Vach, R2D24U & Crystal (Older sister with sage advice<: ).

Cyber Niece- BabyBluez.

Cyber Pop- I don't need another dad.

Cyber enemies- You know who you are, stay away from my beer!!

Cyber Best Friend- And Reva wins again!!! What a babe!!!

Well, this is what I have for ya so far,,, whadda ya think..? :} You can send me any additions you want on it anytime... Just remember this is YOUR page on my site...

Would ya like a different color scheme for the text..? You said you wanted sassy, so lets dress it up... :

Any pics or graphics you would like added in, say the word...

I'll add midi once I can find a midi player that works on my system and doesn't throw error messages at me... {lol;} Any preference to what you would like..?

That's all I can think of so far... Any ideas or questions, toss them at me...

I'll await your reply to all this... ~C~

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