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*~Night People's Family Trees~*

I make and dedicate this site and it's adjoining pages to and for all who once used to chat, laugh, cry, dream, scheme, lol, sing, dance, luv, play, care and share a small part of their live's online in a place called *Night People* chat room, located once upon a time on *Prodigy Classic*, {may it rest in peace}...

I hope this lets you always to know that someone out there in the world thinks your pretty special too...

And I hope it makes you smile...

Just click on a box and see who luv's ya... :>

angelhere Chicobren DreamAngl Fire'sLight
Hornet iZCrystaL Jazz LostSI jusBingme
jZBlueVelvet jZDakotajZ jZLADY jZXbabyblues
Kixi LadyFire1256 LadyLiz'Beth Lil Kiddo
Mich Pegger Preshus Qavitsan
Reva Sorca Tiderium wyrms
xElfinsMist *~*4U*~* *~*4U*~* *~*4U*~*

{Note: I am puttin you all alphabetically so not to show any favoritisms...
Besides, you all know how I just luv the alphabet... ;}

Those highlighted in blue and underlined {or pink} are activated and available for you to view... Those still green are being processed at this time for the people who are turning in thier info to me...
Have you..? {hint hint} {eg}

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After you have checked out all your friends above, why not head over to my 'Projects' page and see what else I have been up to... Ya might be surprized... :

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In luvin rememberance...

A friend,,, a sis,,, an inspiration...

Another soul departs too young...

??? -- Dec. 22, 1999


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