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*~* My 'Projects' *~*

~{Welcome to my 'Insanity'... lol}~

When I started this web site {many brain cells ago;} it was, and still is, mainly to get the *NP* all together in one way or another... I luv the success I have had so far... {~smiles~}

In the 'Branches' you saw many of the 'families', and I hope you enjoyed checking them out... I know they enjoyed showing off their luv'd ones to you... :}

In here are my contributions to the all-mighty web... Ideas and time-consuming projects that I just had to do... You know how an idea hits ya and your dedicated to run with it..? Well, I may not win any marathons, but, I've done alot of mad-dashin here..... {lol}

{Ummm, next time someone smack me back to reality before I get carried away, ok..? ;}

So below are some area's that I have been working on... Ummmm, as you can tell, I am STILL working on so many of them... {And I kid ya not about time consuming, and my lack of it alot of the time...} The minute I get something goin on each, I will start it up... You will see a line going under it and a 'new' sign on it... And when fully functional, will take off that rather huge 'computer graphic blonde chick' and even it all out...

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*~* new idea coming soon *~*

*~* new idea coming later *~*

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Enjoy your visit... Enjoy the day... ~C~

Thank you Tweek/Warlord..! I'm honored..!

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