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*~* Crystal's Web Obsession *~*
(Like the new name..? Trust me, it fits... lol;)

Hiyas... Great idea of yours to come to see this site... Thanks..! {Eg}

Come on inside..! See what I have been up too... {bwhahahaaaa;}

And don't laugh and think I have gone mad, cuz I haven't... {yet;}

*~* PC 'NightPeoples' Personal Family Trees *~*

Climb (click) into this tree and you will see some of the on-line family units that have been established through chatting on P*... A strong family unit of friends (either on-line or off) can be just as important (or more) as your immediate family is... It is all in how you learn to luv... So click on the box and go meet some of my friends in here... And some of their friends too... :)

*~* My Fun Web 'Projects' *~*

And this picture shall takes you to MY small contributions to the web... After months of goofin, surfin, procrastinatin and C&Pin, I can now show you a little bit in here... Now as you can see by the graphic on it, I am workin alot on this area still, so be patient with my mess please... So much to do, and never enough time to do it all... I just wanted to connect this and show off a little bit of what I have been up to... Much much more will be comin soon in there tho...
~Trust me~ heheheeee :

And while your here.....(BG)

My newest guestbook...:}

View old guest book If it will come up... :{

Hey... Once you have looked through these a bit, be a pal and sign my guest book... Call it a 'pat on the back of vanity' if ya like (lol), but I would really like to know you stopped by and what ya think of all my insantiy...

Thanks bunches and I do hope you enjoy all this...

Ohhh thank you Peg..! My first..! (VBG)

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