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~See the Guys and Gals of *NP*~

~Photo Album's~

~Ya know the names... Now see the faces... The list of links below will take you to some personally made picture pages,,, made by *NP*,,, for *NP*,,,of *NP*... You will find many of your friends in these... ENJOY..!~

~~~Hey, while your there checkin out these pages, be kewl and sign their respective guest books... A small but great way to show that you appreciate all the work they have done to make these sites for you to see and use... *TY* ~~~

Coldshots Corner / Brat Pack Coldshot's page...
*~* Enter the page of the 'Brat Pack'... Here within are pics of Coldshot, xoLADY, and some of his friends... *~*

JavaJen's Perkulator / *NP* Pics Java's page...
*~* Night People Picture Index... One of the largest collection of *NP* pics groupings..! You'll see many of the NN's you know... *~*

~This area is still under construction... When I have linked at least 10 here, then I will remove this U*C*!!! sign, but I will always add good links as I receive or find them out there...~

~Hope you found what you were looking for...
Please come again soon...~

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~Below is my sis's first idea for a topper on this page... I luv her sense of humor, so I had to leave it in here,,, somewhere... lol~

~See the Guys and Gals of *NP*~