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Do you like to play on-line games..? Well then you came to the right place, cuz these people do too... So they have put together on their sites various places to play a variety of games, for your amusement and enjoyment... Have fun..! :}

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Home in the Bigsky BigSky's page...
*~* Kewl links to many online games... *~*

CoolCB's Home Page / Games jZCoolCB's page...
*~* 'Jafar's Blackjack Table'... "The game starts off with $1000 in your pocket." Enough said... Wanna play..? ...*~*

~This area is still under construction... When I have linked at least 10 here, then I will remove this U*C*!!! sign, but I will always add good links as I receive or find them out there...~

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