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Simon Says...

I took this from a 'PENNY PRESS' puzzles book... It is just something to do for fun... Good luck... The answer is at the way bottom, but don't cheat and scroll till you have finished following all the directions, ok... {G}

1. Print the words UNSTEADY COMMUTERS.

2. Change the U's to A's.

3. Delete the third and ninth letters.

4. Insert an L to the left of the first and third A's.

5. Reverse the order of the last 13 letters.

6. Remove the 4th vowel.

7. Insert a P to the right of the second T.

8. Change the first T to D.

9. Delete the second-to-last vowel.

10. Eliminate the M's.

11. Move the last four letters, as is, to the front.

12. Delete the second letter.

13. Delete the second-to-last consonant.

14. Move the last 2 letters, as is, to the front.

15. Delete the fourth letter.

16. Reverse the order of the first four letters.

17. Drop the first vowel.

18. Exchange the last vowel and the S.

Scroll down for the answer to this game...

The word that you should have come up with is 'LAPLANDERS'...