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~Where's Pete..?~

A little game for ya while your surfin my web pages... :}

See this graphic...

The little 'person' waltzing through is affectionately nick named 'PETE'... {Don't ask me why, that is the name he came with... :} The game is to find where I have hidden this graphic among my web pages, and be the first to e-mail me to tell me that you have found him, and where...

I will play fair... He will always be on a page that is connected and viewable... He will always be in plain sight... You may have to look a bit harder for him if he is put on a darker page {I won't put him on a pure black background} as you have noticed by now that I do like to decorate my pages somewhat... :}

I have no prizes for this game except acknowledgement... I will give ya credit below as the finder who uncovers his where-abouts {but only to the first correct e-mail, so find a mailbox fast :}... Once he is discovered, he will be moved within 24 hours to new location {just to keep it interesting}...

Mark your e-mail to me as 'I found Pete..!' please... :} Thanks...

{note: This page does not count in the search...:}

Let the GAME begin..!

1st game placed to a page : Mar. 25, 1999

Winner : Pegger first ever to find 'Pete' on Mar. 30, 1999 "Pete is on your music wavs..under "O" wavs {G}....when I check a page..I check a page!!......loveya...Peggy"

LOL!!! All right..! So moves 'Pete'... Who will be next to find him..?

Winner : Pegger again on Mar. 31, 1999 "Crys..ya gotta hide him better ...he is on index-3.html.." {which is the 'Projects' main page... HHmmmmmm, and here I thought I was bein sneaky...;} Good catch Peg... :>

So moves 'Pete'... But to where...? :::thinkin::: Ahhhaaaa... No one will look there..! {EG}

Winner : Pegger again on April 7th, 1999 {officially;} "LOL....okay Crys..Pete is on LadyFire's Family Page!!..he is just smiling at me all the time..." She's good at this game, isn't she... {BG}

So moves 'Pete'... Must find a good spot... hhmmmmmm... :

Winner : Pegger again on April 9th, 1999 Well, he sure isn't the mongoose..but he is on "jazz.html" {G} are making me work awfully dang hard here...but then gotta do more work too {G}.. I see that sly grin there Peg... lol :~~

So moves 'Pete'... But to where..? {eg}

Winner : Pegger again on April 11, 1999 "I found Pete {G}.....he is on april_fools.html {G}......sorry Crys..I just seem to run across him.." And your enjoyin the search, aren't ya... lol :}

So moves 'Pete' {finally, on 4-22 :}... Find him now if ya can... ;

Winner : Pegger again on May 3, 1999 "You know there is a conspiracy here!! Just so I will check your pages good...I found Pete!!....he is on backgrounds-1.htm (black){G}...." Damn, she figured me out..! lol {luvya Peg..! : }

So moves 'Pete'... Now, lemme see,,,, where to...?

Winner : Pegger again on May 6, 1999 "Lol....didn't you think I would go to Risque?....well Pete is on southpark.html...just so happy and waving away {G}...sorry Crys..back to the drawing board!!" By George, she is havin way too much fun at this... {BG}

So moves 'Pete'... But to where this time..? Hhhhmmmmmmm...

Winner : Pegger again on May 8, 1999 Do I have to start a new page?..or was it okay to just check out the startup.html? {G} LOL ya found him fast that time... :>

So moves 'Pete'... I'm gonna have to start addin more pages soon... lol

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